Enhancing threat intel, Hacking a willing target and a Live hacking competition.

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Wednesday, May 24th

Meet & Greet

6:15 PM | Pivotal

We invite everyone 15 minutes prior the first session to come and socialize, network, and extend their existing information security circles with like minded experts from our community.

Session #1

Real Life Hacking of a willing target

6:30 PM | Pivotal

Have you ever wondered what would it be like to have someone observe and verify your every move? To know that someone is watching and waiting for you to fall prey into their hands?

For the duration of 5 days, a willing target (which will be revealed during our presentation and will join us on stage) has agreed for us to virtually and physically stalk him with the aim to discover what information we could gather about him, what we could do with this information, what attacks we could leverage, and the steps he could use to better protect himself.

In this talk, we will take you into our world of pursuing a target of interest. We will discuss the process, the results, and finally, our experience from both the perspective of the hacker and the hacked.
Session #2

Enhancing Threat Intelligence

7:00 PM | Pivotal
Session #3

Rapid CTF – Live hacking competition

7:30 PM | Pivotal

Tired of hacking tutorials and books? ever wanted to see live hacking in action? The DEFCON Toronto team prepared an easy yet tricky set of challenges for you. Meet-up contestants will take turns in a fast-paced live hacking session.
The question is, can you hack it in less than 5 minutes?
Winners will get awesome prizes!