August 9th – Latest Threats, Microservices Security, Life of a Tor developer & Live CTF

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Nick Aleks

Latest threats & DC416 Roadmap

In this talk, Nick will talk about the latest news in security, including the latest breaches, widespread ransomware and hacking techniques.
Nick will also share DEFCON Toronto’s statistics of the past year, and the road map for the upcoming year 2017.
Nick is DEFCON Toronto Founder, a CEO & Director at Aleks Security Cyber Intelligence Inc. and Senior IT Cloud Dev at TD Bank
Zack Mullaly

Implementing Capability-Based Security for Microservices

In recent years, microservices have become a popular choice for teams architecting software systems at scale. Being distributed systems, architectures built on microservices come with some interesting challenges not present in monolithic applications. In this talk, we will explore difficulties that arise in implementing authorization, and will draw on the concept of capability-based security to design a solution with the goal of empowering developers to build featureful, secure software with relative ease. Zack Mullaly is the lead developer of Stratum Security’s XFIL project, a post-compromise exfiltration testing service. He has previously worked on the anti-censorship software project CeNo and on the HTTPS Everywhere browser extension.
Sukhbir Singh

Tor ecosystem

Sukhbir will talk about privacy and anonymity with Tor. This is your chance to get an insight into what a day in the life of a Tor developer looks like, understand the risks and challenges involved and how to maintain your anonymity and privacy in the wild west. Sukhbir Singh is a software developer in the applications and community team of the Tor project since 2012
Harold Rordiguez

Live CTF

After a successful live hacking session in May, How can we not want to hack again in August? if you’ve always wanted to see live hacking in action, DEFCON Toronto is the meetup for you. August meet-up contestants will take turns in a fast-paced live hacking session. Winners will get awesome prizes!

This CTF is led by Harold Rodriguez, a System Administrator at UofT and a team member of VulnHub’s CTF team. Harold is also a core team member of DC416.