Offline Capture The Flag tournament

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Saturday, December 3rd
Meet & Greet

Opening speech & Tournament kick off

9:30 AM | Verkspace

This is where all the fun (almost) begins. we will start with some coffee and snacks, introduction of the competing teams, we will walk through the tournament rules and give last minute tips.


Capture The Flag Time!

10:15 AM | Verkspace

10 teams of extremely talented individuals will do their best to secure the 1st place.
Team VulnHub have prepared an intense and exclusive Capture The Flag tournament especially for DEFCON Toronto. You will face different security challenges at various levels. head scratching is guaranteed!
Post hacking

And the winner is…

7:00 PM | Verkspace

It’s time to breathe and rehydrate.
After the tournament, We will announce the winners, network, eat dinner and share experiences and exploitation techniques.