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DC416 presents

The Mentorship Program

The DC416 team over the last few months has worked on a program that will bring the community together
and help individuals develop a new skillset of their choice with seasoned experts in the field.

Here is a few reasons why we decided to do this:

  1. Learn
  2. Network
  3. Work on awesome shit
  4. Provide guidance
  5. Build a team/family
  6. Keeping the community active
  7. Have a great time while doing all that

Tribes are are the number 1 place to go to for shared focused energy, and passion on any given subject matter.
Whether that be radio frequency analysis, social engineering or car hacking – these tribes
exist to further promote the #1 core value we share here at DC416, to connect, socialize, learn, teach and do awesome things.

The Tribe Structure

A Tribe structure is broken down to 3 components:

  1. a Chief – acts as main point-of-contact, and head-mentor of the Tribe
  2. 3 members (at least)
  3. 1 Project

Additional Mentors can be apart of a tribe but ultimately report into the chief

The Tribe Law

Tribes are self-organized and uphold their own rules (Tribe Law)

  1. How a Chief gets appointed
  2. How often a tribe meets
  3. What workshops/lunch-n-learns are scheduled
  4. What tribe-building exercises you participate in

Tribes will develop wish-lists for project tools and financing in order for the DC416 team to find sponsorship for.

DEFCON Toronto will provide general assistance and help promote the healthy growth of each tribe.
The key concept here is we want to tribes to be as autonomous as possible

The Tribes

The mentorship program consists of 9 Tribes, where each Tribe is focused on a specific information security track:

  • DFIR :: Digital Forensics & Incident Response
  • WEBNET :: Web Application & Network Security
  • VULNEX :: Vulnerability Research, Exploit-dev. Reverse Engineering
  • RFCOMM :: War driving, Wi-fi/Bluetooth hacking & Radio Frequency analysis
  • CRYPRIV :: Steganography, Cryptography & Securing Privacy
  • ELECTROMECH :: Electronics, PCB design, drones, welding and car hacking
  • SOCENG :: Deception, Diversion, Disinformation, Phishing & Human hacking
  • RESIGINT :: Recon, threat intelligence, signals communications
  • LOCKPICK :: Lock picking & Physical Security Hacking
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How to register

To register with a tribe, either as a Mentor or a Mentee,  see the mentorship form.

We are looking forward to your participation and contribution to the DEFCON Toronto community.