Feb 22nd – Workshop: 64 bit Binary Exploitation

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Harold Rodriguez

Introduction to 64 bit Binary Exploitation

Harold’s workshop will cover the following:
– Quick introduction to Intel x86 Assembly
– Old school stack smashing
– Finding vulnerabilities
– Shellcode
– Exploitation
– Preventing stack overflow attacks
– Tools we’ll use include gdb, pwndbg, pwntools, and IDA Pro

Pre-requisites: – Some basic knowledge of C and Python

This will be a hands on workshop:
– Bring a laptop capable of running VMware or VirtualBox
– Bring your own power cable and power bar
– You’ll be given a Linux VM with all the tools and examples to download a few days before the workshop
– Install a copy of IDA Pro 7 Freeware on your host OS:
– Have a SSH client on your host OS to SSH into the VM