Oct 19th – Threat intel gathering with Geofencing, Malware Researching & The path to an IT Security career

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Peter Desifiges

Reconnaissance and threat intelligence gathering using Geofencing

In this talk, Peter will be discussing what is geofence monitoring and how it can be used to monitor assets and threat intel and reconnaissance gathering. A summary of open source tools that are available will be shown, followed by a walkthrough of an automated geofencing monitor created with Maltego, A visual link analysis tool, showcasing the dashboard, intelligence that can be collected, features, challenges and “TODO“ for this proof of concept.
Yevgeny Kulakov

Malware Researching – The whys & hows by a reverse engineer

In this talk Yevgeny will discuss how one can get into malware researching, what are some of the skills required to research and investigate malicious software efficiently and how to continuously stay on top of the game in the cat and mouse game of malware. He will share the hows, whys and the ways this can be done. In addition, Yevgeny will dive into malware researching itself, the challenges in the field and what should be expected in malware researching positions.
Yevgney will also share his experience and stories gained over the years from working in the field.
Brandon Krieger

My Path To Becoming an IT Security Professional

In this talk, Brandon shares his journey and what he has learned over the past two years as he works towards becoming an IT Security professional. Why did he choose IT Security, what path to take, what are some of the challenges, and what he wishes was different in the IT Security industry for newcomers. This discussion will help answer some questions and help you working towards a successful career in IT Security.