OSINT CTF – July 28th

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We carefully select speakers who will captivate, inspire and teach our growing community. These absolutely brilliant individuals dedicate their lives and passion to the industry of cyber security. We are honoured to share their insights with you.

OSINT CTF – Event Speakers
John Daniel



John Daniele has 20 years’ experience working in the security & defense community in Canada and abroad. He has extensive experience developing threat management capabilities, investigating cybercrime and managing vulnerability assessment and threat risk assessment activities. John has also lead offensive red teaming engagements and provided related training to the Department of National Defense and other security agencies across Canada. He is formerly, the Director of KPMG’s Cyberforensics Practice and an EY National Practice Leader for Digital Forensics.
Robert Sell



Robert Sell is the creator of the Trace Labs organization. Trace Labs is a nonprofit corporation that was built to fill a need to modernize and expedite the search for missing persons.

Robert is a Senior IT Manager in the aerospace industry where he spends most of his time managing InfoSec teams. While his teams focus on the traditional blue/red team exercises, lately he has spent an increasing amount of time studying social engineering and open source intelligence. Robert has spoken about the rising SE risk at numerous events and on different security podcasts.
In 2017 he competed at the Social Engineering Village Capture the Flag contest at Defcon 25 where he placed third in this contest. Since then has been teaching organizations how to defend against SE attacks and reduce the OSINT footprint. He is also competing at the 2018 SE CTF at Defcon.
Robert is also a nine year veteran with Search & Rescue in British Columbia, Canada. In his SAR capacity, Robert is a Team Leader, Trainer, Marine Rescue Technician, Swift Water Technician and Tracker. His experience with searching for missing persons came from his experience with SAR.


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Nick is a professional ethical hacker and highly sought after cyber security leader across various industries and is a founder for the DEFCON Toronto hacker community.



Dolev Farhi, Founder of DEFCON Toronto, is a Security Engineer who specializes in Open Source Security, Web Application security & Linux/UNIX Infrastructure.
Dolev manages the largest Linux community in Israel and architects DC416’s online and offline Capture The Flags competitions.


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Harold Rodriguez (@superkojiman) works as a systems administrator at the University of Toronto. During his spare time he participates in Capture the Flag competitions with a focus on binary exploitation and reverse engineering challenges. He’s contributed challenges to and exploits to He’s the proud owner of the OSCP and OSCE; the only two CTFs he’s ever paid to play.